Outback Trail ride

795 SEK /pers

The guided ride that we call the Outback Trail ride, takes us through forests and meadows on small paths and forest roads, past some small village and rippling watercourses. The horses gently puts their hooves in the right place when we get through the hilly and varied terrain typical of western Småland. 

11:00 a.m. We start our adventure with a review of the riding style that is western-inspired and adjusts equipment for the best comfort and safety. You get the help you need to be responsible for the communication with your horse, it works less well just to follow without a plan.The first hour in the saddle is calm and relaxed so that everyone can keep up with whatever previous experience you have and to get to know your horse in a good way.

12:30 p.m This far on the adventure, most people appreciate to stretch out and have something easy to put in the stomach to replenish the energy level. The pause is approx. 30 min. in a well-chosen location.

Second hour of the guided trail ride, we divide into two riding groups if needed. One group increases pace and difficulty, in this group you need to have good balance and fitness as well as previous experience from riding, level 2/3. The second group continues at the same pace and attainment as before.

2:00 p.m In the afternoon we are back on the stables, tired enough in a good way and happy. You choose if you want to stay for a while and help to take care of your horse after the ride.